Alvaro & Joey Dale - 'Ready for action' out now on Spinnin' Records

19 januari 2014

2014 Looks to be full of big-room once again! “Ready For Action” from Alvaro, this time in tandem with our recently signed Joey Dale, is nothing short of huge. Alvaro has already proven to be a prolific producer, but you have heard very little from Joey Dale. However, this is poised to change in 2014, as even Hardwell named him as one of his 5 DJ’s to watch in 2014. Their collaboration has found a home on Spinnin’ Records, and had his release on January 17. Already, however, this track has been making the rounds on radioshows and stages all over the world, as it has seen massive support from Tiesto, W&W, Martin Garrix and many more.

“Ready For Action” hits you hard right off the bat with a very well composed melody, wich builds and becomes stronger thanks to powerful synth leads and a pounding bassline. The vocal sample that gives the song its title is added onto the top line as the tune hurdles towards the build up sequence. By the time the drop comes around, you can definitely tell that you are “Ready For Action”. Then, the drop hits HARD. A fat kick is complimented with a complex series of plucks on top to create a powerful big-room sound.

This collision of styling from Alvaro and Joey Dale is out now on Beatport!

Now available for download, you can purchase it on: Beatport