ALVARO & Wiwek - Fire [DIM MAK]

28 april 2015

Dutch powerhouse Alvaro and Jungle Terror’s Wiwek have joined forces for their newest single, “Fire.” Officially released on April 28th, “Fire” successfully revives the gritty electro vibes of 2013, albeit with a tribal twist.

“Fire” rumbles from the get-go with a heavy kick and a classic four-on-the-floor house beat. After a brief intro, the track immediately builds up to an absolutely malicious breakdown somewhat akin to Nari & Milani and Maurizio Gubellini’s “Vago.” The contributions of both artists are readily apparent in the track, brilliantly complementing each other throughout. Alvaro’s Dutch house influence dances among the phrases, while Wiwek is clearly noticeable in the erratic recorder leading the charge of the second drop. Overall, it’s a well executed collage of Alvaro and Wiwek’s distinctive styles, and I won’t be the least bit surprised to hear this record gracing festival main stages throughout the summer.

“Fire” is available on Beatport and on iTunes.

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