The Partysquad & Alvaro - Lights Out

14 november 2016

Both, The Partysquad and Alvaro have already worked together on Wildlife EP released just recently on Steve Aoki’s Dim Mak. As you might be guessing, “Lights Out” is about to put you in a good mood. Its shabby electronic vibe, even more immense bass line and galvanizing pop vocal part fit perfectly The Partysquad’s unique Rebel Yard Music label imprint. The Partysquad and Alvaro just keep attacking with the real electric storms so you better turn your lights out!

Hide and seek deep in the night, to find me just turn out the lights!” – the energetic lyrics swirl around the gravelly arrangement of the melody and mellow yet palpable hi-hats. However, the luminous track wouldn’t have seen the daylight if The Partysquad hadn’t accidentally stumbled on the vocals while working on „Pum Pum”, which inspired them to invite Alvaro to take part in the creative process to create another electronic piece under the mere yet riveting title, „Lights Out”. Ingenious enough, isn’t it? And yeah, the beat was flipped into more radio friendly style than guys’ previous socko releases and that’s how „Lights Out” became a universal track perfect for dancefloors and for the radio. Thus, it seems that their brand new release is going to expand The Partysquad’s and Alvaros’s circle of such successful past productions as those featuring Lil Jon, Major Lazer, Afrojack and M.I.A.